Teck See Plastic Sdn Bhd (Shah Alam)

Since its inception on 5th June 1984 , Teck See Plastic Sdn Bhd (TSP) has carved its niche in the injection moulding industry and many related fields. Today , TSP has grown by leaps and bounds to be a leading plastic injection contract manufacturer for the audio visual , computer , home appliances , office equipment, automotive and motorcycle industries.

Corporate Philosophy
In maintaining a world class manufacturing organisation, we dedicated to constantly innovate and excel on quality, costs, lead-time, flexibility, engineering and customer service.

Manufacturing Excellence Philosophy
The drive to manufacture products of the highest quality at a reasonable and competitive price in order to achieve our prime objective of customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy
Always keeping one step ahead of the times and industry standards by continuously enhancing the quality of our products at a competitive price to fulfill our diverse range of customers' ever increasing requirements.

Management Policies
1. Continued customer satisfaction is our main priority.
2. Commitment to constantly strive for the highest quality.
3. Individual staff satisfaction at all levels on the quality of work delivered by their peers.
4. Perform all duties right the first time around from important and complex processes down to menial tasks.
5. Ensure that "quality" is inherently built into every process.
6. Maintain good housekeeping at all times.

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